[blog post | mplant music] BTS & MK Karaoke - MK Karaoke NYC Best Karaoke Hub
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[blog post | mplant music] BTS & MK Karaoke

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With the release of the 7th album of BTS, it becomes a global success! 7 boys from Korea appeared in the morning broadcast and late-night talk show, also when BTS uploads new music videos on YouTube; it reaches up to millions of viewers.

Would you like to sing BTS songs with your friends? Then go to Korean Karaoke in New York City! Most of the Korean Karaoke has BTS songs.  Please go to 32 streets, the center of k-culture, especially the MOST famous MK Karaoke!

About Karaoke

If you’ve ever sung loud in a karaoke event, you know how enjoyable and fun it is. But why sing in karaoke?

Karaoke songs are usually musical reproductions without the singer’s voice, which would be an empty orchestra. It originated in a bar in Japan after a musician canceled his performance at the last minute. The owner of the bar came up with music and inviting local customers to sing.

Another fairly widespread belief promotes that karaoke began in the 1970s with a Japanese singer named Daisuke Inoue, who recorded songs without a voice, only with instruments, and then sold them and that people sang them. In a short time, it spread to the United States and other European countries.

BTS & Mk Karaoke

MK karaoke offers sessions open to the public, every day of the year. Ask for the song you like best and enjoy singing it with your friends.

Private Party with Friends

Do you want to organize an original and different party? Is it your birthday and you want to celebrate it by surprising your friends? Reserve the place set up your own karaoke.

Rent the Place

Do you need a place to organize some kind of event? MK Karaoke puts at your disposal the premises for you, with all services included.

Book your room now!

Benefits of Singing Karaoke

  • It stimulates the brain and calms stress.
  • It helps show feelings and emotions and increase confidence.
  • It improves memory
  • It favors socialization.
  • It is fun.

Tips for Singing in Karaoke…

Don’t look at the screen or stick to the microphone too much. The idea of karaoke is to share emotions, to let go of everything, to be free to express.

With regard to the microphone, karaoke players usually have it set at a very high volume and not very professionally tuned. Sticking the microphone in your mouth will make the mid-range frequencies jump and your voice will sound like a “can” and you won’t like that. It’s better to put it a little further away.

Lastly, just enjoy, don’t think about it too much. What happens is that in most cases you will feel very shy or uncomfortable, even your mind may betray you by telling you that you will do it wrong. Just dare to enjoy, do not listen to your fears.

Music is an expressive and emotional art, you don’t have to use much reason, just let yourself go. Visit BTS & MK Karaoke, and enjoy it with your friends!