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Special Packages Just for You

Everyone is special.

You don’t have to be perfect to be treated with utmost respect.

Don’t forget this truth behind your uniqueness and personality: You are special on your own way.

To make you feel even special, and to help you celebrate the best weekdays or weekends of your life, allow MK Karaoke at 11 West 32nd St,Fl 5,New York, NY 10001, to offer you with its special packages: Special Bottle (750ml) Combo, Birthday Party Special Package, Open Bar Package, and Weekday Special Combo.

Let the Special Bottle (750ML) Combo— whiskey, single malt, champagne, tequila, vodka, specials, and champagne train– be the start of your special package.

If this special package grabs your attention, you can choose to have one of these: Anju (popcorn chicken, fruit or nacho platter); 2hrs discounted karaoke – up to 4 people; or, 1hr discounted karaoke – 5 or more people.

Shall we start your night smooth, balanced, distinctive, and unrivaled? Johnnie Walker Black is the one for you. While savoring the vanilla and zesty flavor notes of your 750 ml whiskey, your best buddies can continue rendering their favorite songs for a discounted hour.

Wanting to have an absolute sherry note, and balanced with woodsmoke and spice? Your time at MK Karaoke will be like the best single Malt there is—Macallan 12 Yr.

Since you are a great party drinker, let your companions have their fruit platter while your palate loves the oak, vanilla, and caramel flavor of Macallan.

Your Special Bottle Combo should be celebrated. Your companionship is meant to be iconic like Dom Perignon Luminous. It is the only champagne brand that assures you of its glorious fruit and lovely texture.

At MK Karaoke, you will have endless choices of your favorite tequila like Casamigos Blanco, or vodka like Grey Goose, and other liquors. And because it is a special package, you can always choose one among those three combo mentioned above.

Your popcorn chicken is ready now.

You can have thousands of ways to celebrate your birthdays, but the question is: How about something that is specially packaged for you?

Worry not.

At MK Karaoke, you may either have Birthday Package I or Birthday Package II. Ready your phone and dial 212-564-3436, and be ready to choose which one is better.

It will not be called special package without mentioning MK Karaoke’s Open Bar Package and Weekday Special Combo.

Be ready to let your heart and soul feel the happy biorhythms of life if you want to avail the regular and premium package every Sunday to Thursday. Bottom shelf. Top shelf. Karaoke and Open Bar. Beer and wine just for you.

Dance like no one is around especially when live DJ is around.

Click this link, and enjoy your free will to choose the best special package for you and for your dearest love ones.

You are a package.

You are special.

MK Karaoke is the place where a special package like you belongs.