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Why Karaoke Is Good For You

The best thing about Karaoke, unlike other sports and activities, is that you don’t actually have to be good at it to enjoy it!
Karaoke is a wonderful social activity and there are great health and wellbeing benefits you will get from singing!
Here at MK Karaoke we give you the top six facts to show you how Karaoke can improve your health.

1. Karaoke Relaxes You

Did you know that when you sing you release a hormone called Oxytocin, which is a natural anti-depressant? It relaxes your body and decreases cortisol, which is your stress hormone. No wonder we feel so stress free when we sing!

2. Karaoke Makes You Happy!

Karaoke releases amazing endorphins, which give you a natural buzz and decrease anxiety. Just what the doctor ordered!

3. Karaoke Boosts Your Memory

Neural activity such as reading the song lyrics, keeping in sync with the music and performing at the same time, all help to improve overall concentration and memory function in the brain. A great tip if you are a student with exams coming up!

4. Karaoke Makes You More Confident

The more you perform Karaoke, the more you will get used to standing up in front of strangers and performing. This is a great tool for making you confident for work presentations. It will also help those of you who suffer from shyness or anxiety in public.

5. Karaoke Helps Your Social Skills

When you sing in a group situation you become naturally engaged with each other. This helps you with social interaction skills, with little effort required.  When people react to your song, it is a lot easier than striking up awkward conversation. What song do you like to sing? is an ideal icebreaker question. Give it a try!

6. Karaoke Is An Excellent Calorie Burner

When you sing you expand your breath, which improves blood flow and circulation. You will also get more oxygen in the body, which increases exercise stamina. All the adrenalin and dancing will make you burn easy calories.

Who would have thought that such a fun activity can make you burn calories at the same time!

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